RV Parks LafayetteWelcome to the future, where even camping and RVing has gone digital. Nowadays, there is little doubt that mobile phones and devices have changed the way we travel and explore with constant connectivity, gps capabilities and new and improved camera functions. But whatever travel needs you have while RVing, whether it be looking for a campground, finding the best price on gas or getting information on obscure state laws, you can bet that there is an app for that. As Lafayette’s favorite RV campground, we hear about people’s most-relied-upon apps and have compiled a list of their top recommendations for fellow travelers. Download these apps on your device for a more enjoyable, informed road trip:

  • State Lines- As a single resource for over 50 laws and regulations that change as you cross over state lines, this app allows you to quickly check a variety of laws that affect where you stay and what you can and cannot do while in a particular state. Check laws regarding staying overnight in rest areas, whether that state has dry days when you cannot buy alcohol and even the gas taxes. 
  • Find My Friends – Curious to know just what fellow nomad friends are in the area you’re traveling to? Apple’s spy app lets you find friends that are close to you and allows them to know your location also. Don’t want to be bothered by well-intentioned by bothersome company? Simply disable the location reporting whenever privacy is preferred.
  • AllStays – With more than 29,000 listings for RV resorts, public campgrounds and overnight parking, this iOS and Android-friendly is consiered the ultimate RV resource guide. Not only can you find appropriate places to stay, the app also gives comprehensive road information including bridge clearances, rest stop locations, construction alerts and basic state laws. Content is upgraded and improved on a regular basis and updates are free for the life of the product.