With summer officially over, the staff at Frog City RV Park is thrilled that autumn is here. Though we love summer and all it brings, the campground in autumn takes on a completely different feel. Though people would be quick to assume that, being in the South, we don’t experience a “true fall season” we do have the pleasure of lower, milder temperatures and golden inviting landscapes overseen by robin’s-egg blue skies.  The area is also a great place to visit during these months as it is ripe with community events. RV trips and camping are especially enjoyable as the season offers unique benefits that don’t exist during other times of the year. If the thought of visiting a campground near Lafayette crossed your mind, we’ve got several reasons why you should heed the call and fire up that RV at least one more time this year. Here’s why:campground near Lafayette LA

  • You can’t beat the scenery. Though the South doesn’t boast the plethora of fall colors that other states enjoy, the fall does present certain landscape surprises that are sure to delight.
  • The weather is enjoyable during both the day and night. Not too cold or too hot, both day and night in the South allow for comfort during outdoor activities and night time opportunities to cozy up with a mug of cocoa or a loved one.
  • Better rates around the area. RV Parks and campgrounds near Lafayette offer better daily rates for spaces. It is also possible that you can find a premier spot at this time of year without having to make reservations. Be sure to call first though.
  • Less of the creepy-crawly creatures. Bugs aren’t fond of cooler temperatures and are less likely to bug you.