What bugs you on your RV camping trip? Mice? Ants? Roaches? The annoying, overly-friendly couple in the camping space next to yours? At some point during your RV ownership, you will inevitably have the not-so pleasant-experience of an invasion of  tiny critters. A close encounter of the creepy-crawly kind … so to speak. Keeping pests at bay while camping and RVing is an important part of keeping your trip enjoyable and comfortable. Considering that some pests can even be dangerous or toxic, repelling them is also imperative to staying healthy. Remember these tips for keeping your RV pest and rodent free both in storage and on-the-road:

  • Obviously the best way to repel pests is to not allow them access to the interior of your RV. By lighting up the outside of your RV, you’ll be able to more easily see from the interior  where any open holes, seams or other gaps are being utilized as passages into your RV by miniscule passengers like ants or mice. Seal these gaps with spray-able Styrofoam. The material will seal openings and keep pests outside where they belong.
  • Borax is known to keep ants away while parked in Lafayette campgrounds. Simply sprinkle the cleaning powder around tires, leveling jacks and any other RV components that come in contact with the ground. It is said that ants won’t cross a line of Borax.
  • Those with propane grills know that spiders are naturally attracted to the smell of the gas. Resourceful campground visitors have relayed the tip that flea collars placed close to grills, refrigerators and water heaters will deter them from setting up camp themselves.