Oops. Please pardon our social faux pas. It seems that we were amiss in asking our valued RV park guests for their input when we wrote about campground manners. It seems that many of them have had the displeasure of having a particularly rude or inconsiderate campground neighbor. Where we hope that this wasn’t the case at our own Lafayette campground, we understand that in the whirlwind of camping and traveling, sometimes we can forget our manners. Make sure to also consider this list of guidelines when trying to remain polite at any RV park or campground, any time you stay:

  • Control your pet. Make sure to put a quick stop to annoying barking, especially at night. Remember to leash your dog at all times and always, always make sure to pick up after them. 
  • Use your campfire ring for what it was meant for. First, because drought and fire restrictions can change throughout the year, make sure campfires are allowed before lighting up. Don’t use your ring as a trash receptacle. You will attract flies, bugs and other unwanted critters and foul up the space with unwanted odors.
  • Keep noise and light to a minimum at night. Be aware of your campgrounds quiet hours and do your best to ensure that you and your guests abide by them. Keep flashlights and lanterns turned low, ensuring that your beams of light are not intruding on other’s spaces, especially inside their tent.
  • Keep your distance. Where invisible site lines should be respected, make sure that you also give plenty of space between tents. Don’t set yours up right next to your neighbor’s. This can make for some pretty awkward daytime interaction.