It’s that time of year when everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. While those living the RV life can’t exactly hang their stockings by the chimney with care, that doesn’t mean you can’t deck your halls. One element of decorating this December that you may be sorely missing is the Christmas tree. With such a small space to work with, you may have resigned yourself to a holiday without a tree. However, there is hope for you yet! Lots of people who are RVing this holiday season are able to have their Christmas tree and decorate it too. Here are some ideas to help you achieve your Christmas tree goals in your RV.

Tabletop Tree

Who says your Christmas tree has to be big? Tabletop trees are an elegant solution to any space issue. These adorable plants are small trees that are planted in pots and can easily fit anywhere in your RV, but are especially perfect as a centerpiece for your table. You can still cover a tabletop Christmas tree in all of your favorite ornaments.

Outdoor Tree

Alternatively, maybe a small Christmas tree just doesn’t do it for you. If you’re determined to have a full-sized Christmas tree, why not set it up outdoors? Set up camp, use a stand to prop up your tree, and decorate it as you see fit. Set up a couple of lawn chairs, string up lights around your awning, and enjoy an outdoor holiday celebration.

Wall Tree

RVers are some of the most creative people given the limited space they’re using, and many have adopted the strategy of “wall trees.” Essentially, they have Christmas lights on their wall in the shape of a tree. This is a particularly advantageous idea for people in smaller RVs. Use the blank canvas you have in front of you to get the Christmas tree you want. You can even use push pins to hang your decorations!

Pencil Tree

Pencil trees are also popular choices for RVs. They are essentially very slim Christmas trees, sometimes less than a foot in diameter, and can be fit easily into small spaces. You can get them in variety of heights as well, so you are bound to find one that can fit into your RV. You can find these at many craft and department stores.


If your concern is less the tree and more having some fresh pine to decorate, a garland may be a better choice for your RV than a tree. You can hang a garland anywhere in your space, and decorate it with lights, decorations, and anything else you please. The key is to secure it well: the last thing you need is a breakable ornament to fly across the RV when you’re in transit!

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