Congratulations! You’re now an RV owner. You’re about to be bombarded with informational articles and people telling you what you should do. However, sometimes it’s more helpful to hear what you shouldn’t do. This article will give you a brief overview of some things that you should avoid doing in your new RV. At Frog City RV Park, we want your time with us to be as relaxing and stress free as possible, save yourself the headache of trying to problem solve these typical issues.

Don’t Go with the Largest RV You Can Find

While RV’s are the “go big or go home” type of camping trips, you don’t want to over do it. If this is your first time camping with an RV, you want to find a vehicle that you feel comfortable maintaining. Remember, you’re going to have to store and drive this RV, which can be a very intimidating thing for a lot of people. You can always upgrade later. Keep in mind the type of weather and terrain that you might encounter on your way to and from the campsite, as well as the actual campsite itself. Larger campers are more susceptible to blowing over in strong windstorms and don’t travel as well in colder conditions.

Not Checking Your Surroundings

Anytime you are going to be moving your RV, make sure you do a full search of your entire area. Be sure to unplug any cables or hookups you’ve attached and clear out any equipment you might have brought with you because nothing is worse than realizing you just ran over your child’s favorite outdoor toy. Instead of just trusting that everyone cleared their space, make a list of everything to do before and after leaving the campsite. Trust us, you’ll be a happy camper.

Make Campsite Enemies

For many people, RV camping offers a quick getaway from all the noise that our daily lives can bring. If you’re going for more of upbeat energy, call your campsite and see what area you should be in or if there is another campsite that may be better suited. No one wants to make enemies on site. Be aware of your surroundings socially, and follow that lead. Of course, you want to make sure to enjoy yourself but try and avoid loud music, talking, or any other loud noises that could be considered as disruptive by your fellow campers.

Same thing applies when interacting with your neighbors. Be friendly and welcoming, but understand that many people are here to enjoy their time. Get to know them, but unless invited, avoid being in their space or taking up their time.

Finally, clean up after yourself. You’d think that this would go unsaid, however, people can be notorious for leaving campsites messy and in poor condition. Leave the campsite how you would want to arrive to the campsite. Someone is going to be staying there after you, and no one wants to clean up after a messy person. This also can leave you on bad terms with the campsite overall. If your area is not taken care of, you may not be allowed back. Long story short, be clean and respectful to your neighbors. The golden rule definitely applies here.


Chances are, you scheduled this trip as a way to relax. Take the time to schedule some events into your schedule but don’t over pack it. This will save you from cranky children or friends that are complaining that they’re hungry. If you’re traveling to multiple campsites, be sure to include plenty of travel time. This way you won’t be rushed and can actually enjoy your time at each park. There are usually plenty of activities at each site to enjoy, so don’t get trapped in strict time schedule. All in all, just enjoy your time. Proper planning and preparation can make for an enjoyable trip, you’ll thank us later. We promise.

At Frog City RV Park, we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. Which is why we have plenty of amenities such as wi-fi, free cable, pull-throughs, swimming pools, private hot showers, and paved interior roads. We are also handicap accessible and have plenty of dog walking areas. There is truly something for everyone here. Come visit us in Lafayette, LA and reserve your spot today. We can’t wait to have you!