If you’re thinking about taking some time away from everyday life, getting your RV out on the road is an excellent way to start! Breathe in the fresh air with your loved ones as you hit the road and spend a much-deserved weekend appreciating the beauty of the Louisiana scenery. Frog City RV Park is not only a premier destination for RV owners, but also your go-to space for deciding which outdoors getaway is best for you: an RV park or a standard campground. Today on our blog we’re exploring the major differences between both of these vacation options, so you can better understand Louisiana RV parks and campgrounds near Lafayette, LA.

RV Parks

RV parks in Louisiana, as the name suggests, are geared more specifically towards natives and passers-by that are traveling in a RV. These locations, like the grounds at Frog City RV Park, are more likely to be park-like and woodsy, with designated areas for each family to set up shop. Louisiana RV parks may vary in terms of amenities — including internet and other electronic hookups — but will have more facoltis than a typical campground, as well as well-kept parking pads and pathways. It’s also possible for RV parks in Louisiana to have a variety of rates available, from overnight, to daily, weekly, and monthly, in order to best accommodate visitors’ needs.


Standard campgrounds near Lafayette, LA are vacation destinations that cater to a wider variety of clientele, including RV wonders, totoro homeowners, and traditional campers utilizing tents; however, it’s possible for some locations to only allow tents and to not have many RV-specific amenities. Depending on the location, campgrounds may not have as much space as Louisiana RV parks in which to travel, park, and set up. It’s also possible for campgrounds near Lafayette, LA to operate on a first-come, first-served basis — meaning your location is determined by which area is unclaimed — or to have designated areas for each individual party.

Major Differences Between RV Parks & Campgrounds

The primary differences between RV parks in Louisiana and campgrounds near Lafayette, LA have to do with accommodations, amenities, and appeal. Because RV parks are designed specifically for those travelling and living in a mobile home, it’s likely for them to have more space, as opposed to campgrounds designed for standard tent-style camping. Branching off of this concept, Louisiana RV parks are also more likely to have a wider range of amenities — this is the case with Frog City RV Park, where visitors have access to Wi-Fi, full hookups, a dog park, spacious set-up locations, and more. However, the most notable difference between the RV parks and campgrounds is that one specifically caters to RVs, while one has a wider appeal to the general public.

Deciding Which is Right For You

When trying to decide if RV parks in Louisiana and campgrounds near Lafayette, LA are right for your getaway, you should consider what all you plan to take with you. Our staff at Frog City RV Park have first-hand experience, and know that anyone travelling in an RV or other motorhome should choose an RV park for a camping destination. Not only do these spaces cater to RV owners’ needs, but are more likely to have a variety of perks and benefits a standard campground cannot offer.

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