If you own an RV, chances are, you are a real road warrior. You are not one to fly; you would rather take the time to see everything that is between here and your destination. Road trips are your favorite way to spend your vacation, and you can’t wait for your next opportunity to hit the open road. You probably have a whole system for road trips at this point, and you may think you have done everything you can to make road trips awesome. That might be true, but you may find that your trip is even more fun when you play some of these games. In this blog, we will go over some of our favorite road trip games so you can enjoy them on your next road voyage.

While You Were Sleeping

This is the perfect game for long trips during which some of the passengers will be sleeping.

The Object: To create a story that sleeping passengers will believe when they wake up
The Rules:

  • The game begins when a passenger has been asleep for five minutes
  • All awake passengers take turns adding to a story
  • Once the sleeper awakens, you want to convince them that a story is true
  • If any passenger breaks character, they lose a point
  • If anyone goes off script, they lose two points
  • Successfully convincing the sleeper that the story is true earns everyone three points
  • If the sleeper catches on, they steal all the points
  • The person with the most points at the end of the trip wins

21 Questions

This classic game is perfect for road trips.

The Object: To figure out what a person is thinking of in 21 questions or less
The Rules:

  • Someone thinks of an object, person, or place
  • The other passengers take turn asking “yes” or “no” questions
  • No questions can be repeated
  • When someone guesses correctly, they get to think of something and start the next round

Human Jukebox

This game is particularly fun for people who love to sing.

The Object: To connect song lyrics together
The Rules:

  • One person begins singing a song
  • The next person connects it with another song, going off the lyrics
  • The round ends once someone is stumped or they mess up the lyrics


This is a great game if you have your RV filled with the positive people in your life.

The Object: Find a way to make an unfortunate situation into a fortunate one and vice versa
The Rules:

  • The first person starts with “Fortunately…” and a positive situation
  • The next person says “Unfortunately…” and finds something negative about the previous situation
  • Switch back and forth, going around to each passenger
  • If anyone hesitates, they get a strike
  • Three strikes, you’re out
  • The last person out wins

Alphabet Categories

You probably are familiar with the Alphabet Game, the classic road trip game during which you try to find road signs that start with the first letter of each letter of the alphabet. This is a different game to add to your repertoire.

The Object: To name something that starts with every letter of the alphabet in a certain category.
The Rules:

  • Start by picking a category, such as food, movies, celebrities, etc.
  • The first person names something that starts with A and fits into that category
  • Take turns going down the alphabet
  • When someone is stumped, start over again with a new category

Food Master

For a road trip with a bunch of snackers, this game is perfect.

The Object: To find as many regional snacks as you can during your trip
The Rules:

  • For every stop you make, buy one regional snack
  • The snack must be made locally
  • Whoever collects the most snacks wins

The Counting Game

This game can be a fun challenge for all passengers to work together.

The Object: See if you can count to 20 together without a specific order of people
The Rules:

  • One person says “one”
  • Another person follows in no particular order
  • Another person randomly continues
  • If two people say the same number simultaneously, you have to start over
  • If there is a pause longer than five seconds, you have to start over
  • Continue until you can get to 20

The Name Game

The Object: Start a chain of celebrity names
The Rules:

  • One person names a famous person
  • Someone else says the name of another famous person that starts with same letter as the last name of the previous famous person
  • Reverse the order if someone says a celebrity with a first and last name that starts with the first letter (i.e. Janet Jackson or Bob Barker)

DJ Battle

This is a great game if your passengers love music.

The Object: Have the most votes for your song
The Rules: 

  • Pick a music theme, such as “love songs”
  • One person plays one minute of a song they pick within the theme
  • Another person also gets to play one minute of their song of choice
  • The rest of the passengers vote on which one is best
  • Whoever wins the most battles wins

Word Association

This is a fun word game you can play with fellow wordsmiths on the road.

The Object: String together as many associated words as possible
The Rules:

  • Someone starts with one word
  • The next person thinks of an associated word
  • Continue taking turns until someone is stumped or says something that doesn’t fit

Hey, Cow!

This is the perfect game to play when you are drinking through sleepy country roads.

The Object: Get as many cows as you can to look at you
The Rules:

  • When you are on a minor road and you pass a field of cows, pull over
  • One person yells, “Hey, cow!”
  • They get one point for every cow that looks at them
  • Whoever has the most points at the end of the trip wins

With these fun road trip games in mind, the hours until your destination should fly by. Next time you hit the road, consider stopping in Lafayette to visit our RV campground! We have all the amenities you could want, including a pool, WiFi, showers, and free cable. Book your spot on our site today!