RV Parks Lafayette Personal security and safety should always be in the forefront of your mind while road-tripping this summer. Where staying in a secure campground and RV park can help to keep you safe while at your destination, security on the road can get a little iffy, so to speak. Here’s a few friendly tips from L0uisiana‘s favorite RV park and campground , Frog City:

  • Avoid parking overnight in unfamiliar remote sites.
  • Secure all doors and accessible windows at all times.
  • Do not open your camper door to strangers. Try to ascertain what they need first.
  • Use outside lights to help keep you aware of who or what is out there.
  • Consider replacing outside lighting fixtures with LED type and leave them lit all night.
  • Do not use your levelling jacks or air down, if so equipped. These can delay your quick exit if needed.
  • If things don’t look or feel right – leave.