If you have never had the pleasure of taking an RV trip, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. It seems like more and more people are hitting the open road in RVs, and it isn’t hard to understand why. There are a wide variety of benefits to RVing, from saving money to controlling your own destiny, and much more. Here are just some of the many advantages of RVing over other modes of transportation when you strike out on your next great adventure. 

Save Money 

Yes, you will spend more money on gas than you would if you were driving a sedan, but you save so much on other expenses that it generally offsets the cost significantly, even with the cost of renting an RV if you don’t own one. 

The main cost it saves you is on lodging. The cost of staying at our RV park in Louisiana for one night is significantly lower than the cost of a hotel for a night. This is especially true if you have a large family and you usually have to rent more than one hotel room. 

The other expense that you can save a lot of money on when you choose to RV is meals. An RV allows you to take your kitchen with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to spend your entire travel budget on meals out. For example, if you’re traveling with a family of four, you could feed everyone for a week on $150 worth of groceries. In contrast, buying restaurant meals for everyone can easily amount to $100 a day. Even if you decide to enjoy an occasional indulgence, you still save significantly. 

Have More Flexibility 

It’s hard to beat RVing as a mode of travel in terms of flexibility. If your priority is flexibility, traveling by RV should be at the top of your list. When you RV, you have complete freedom. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule. You can stop when you like, wherever you like, and you can shorten or extend your stays on a whim. You can even decide on a different destination if so choose! When you RV, the world is truly your oyster.  

Travel With Greater Convenience 

RVing means that you take your home wherever you go. You don’t have luggage restrictions to get around, so you can easily travel with everything you need, whether you’re packing more hiking gear or board games and sports equipment for the kids. It’s also very convenient to always have a bathroom nearby. In addition, most RVs come with entertainment systems, so you don’t even have to go without your favorite TV shows from home. 

Connect With Nature

The U.S. is gorgeous, particularly in the national parks. Traveling by RV offers you a front-row ticket to all of America’s natural beauty. You can get close up to all of the flora and fauna, as well as expansive views of lakes, beaches, forests, and mountains. An RV trip provides you with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the fresh air. RVing pairs perfectly with sports like fishing, hiking, and kayaking, making it a mode of travel that offers more connection with nature than many others. 

Connection with Others 

RVing is an incredible bonding experience. Road trips are a great way to get to know others, and RVs give you the ability to do that with the comfort of home at the same time. Whether you’re traveling with your family or a group of close friends, an RV trip is a wonderful option if you’re seeking out a bonding experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Opportunity to Unplug

In our modern world, it can be hard to disconnect from screens. Yet electronic devices can be disruptive to our emotional wellbeing. If you’re someone who checks work emails constantly and is always on social media, RVing provides the perfect opportunity for you to unplug for some time. Leave these gadgets at home and spend some time living the simple life. 

If we’ve convinced you it’s time for an RV excursion, come on down to Frog City RV Park in Lafayette! We have great amenities, including hot showers and free cable. Book your spot today to get some Cajun hospitality!