There are many misconceptions about RVing out there. We’re here to dispel some of the most pervasive myths so you can rest easy investing in this fun way of life.

MYTH: The best type of RV is…

Class A, travel trailer, van, fifth wheel — you name it, someone thinks it is the best type of RV. No one RV is inherently better than another. Some will want a fully outfitted motorhome with all the amenities, and others will only want a small RV that they can fit into a car-sized parking space. Your RV choice will depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle. If you’re shopping for an RV, you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s opinion on what the “best” RV is — choose the type that is best for your lifestyle.

MYTH: Only retirees use RVs.

A few years ago, the typical RVer you might have run into at our RV park was a retired couple who have decided to live out their lifelong dream of driving across the country. While you will most certainly run into some folks who meet that description, these days, there are people and families of all ages and backgrounds who choose the RV life. The campground will feature younger, working-age adults, solo travelers, and whole families. If you’re worried about not fitting in, don’t — RVs are for everyone!

MYTH: RVing is expensive (or cheap).

Among the most common misconceptions of RVing is how much it costs. Some people will tell you that RVing is too expensive of a hobby, while others will tell you that it is a much less expensive way to live. The truth of the matter is, RVing is like any hobby. It’s as expensive or as inexpensive as you make it. If you want to get a giant, brand new RV to drive around a lot to expensive RV parks, yes, it will cost you. But if you are conscientious about your budget, RVing can be quite affordable.

MYTH: RVing is too much driving.

It makes sense why there is this perception: an RV is a vehicle, so having it means that you will be driving it a lot. Sometimes, it does; if you’re planning a cross-country road trip, you can expect to spend a ton of time behind the wheel. How much time you spend on the road is your own prerogative — plan your trip and you will spend as much time driving as you wish.

Not only that, but when you’re traveling by RV as opposed to a car, you can go at a much slower pace. You don’t have to race anywhere, trying to put in as many miles as possible per day — the road is your destination. When you have a place to sleep and a way to cook meals, you don’t have to stress about rushing from destination to destination.

MYTH: RV parks are all super crowded.

Some people are turned off from RVing because they worry that the experience is going to involve staying in crowded RV parks all the time. You have probably seen photos that suggest that RVing is focused on tight rows and your neighbor’s sewer hose is right next to the picnic table you’re trying to eat on. In reality, not all RV parks are the same, and when you visit our RV park in Lafayette, there’s plenty of space to be had.

MYTH: You’re not really camping if you have an RV.

Some people will turn their noses up at RVing, considering themselves camping “purists.” To these individuals, we ask: who cares? RVing and camping are as similar as they are different, and just because one offers running water and a bed and one doesn’t, doesn’t make one inherently more “authentic” than the other. Wave off the haters and RV without concern about whether it really counts as “camping.”

If you’re looking for an RV park in Louisiana, we’d love to offer ours! Come on down to Frog City RV Park for some Cajun hospitality.