Who doesn’t enjoy a good life hack from time to time? They can be astoundingly helpful, giving readers new and inventive ways of using everyday household items. RV and camping hacks are especially helpful as traveling with a large variety of objects, and attempting to live for an extended period of time without others, can be frustrating and cumbersome. As Lafayette’s premier RV Park and campsite, we have seen plenty of creative hacks that border on the genius. If you are looking for ways to simplify your RV trips or camping life, try these hacks that are meant to make your life easier and more organized.

  • Protect glass drinking cups while traveling by placing each of them in a separate koozy before placing them in a cabinet. If they happen to knock together while on the road, they won’t break or crack. 
  • Save space while traveling by using a collapsible laundry hamper for trash instead of a wastebasket. When not in use you can collapse it and store it away somewhere convenient.
  • A bar of soap inside the bottom of a pair of pantyhose and tied around an outdoor water spigot makes hand washing a convenient breeze and doesn’t allow the soap to lay in the dirt.
  • Shower caddies with suction cups allow you to organize and keep small items together and handy while traveling. Keep kid’s crayons and small toys where they are needed by attaching caddies to windows and walls of RV during road trips.
  • The smell of propane attracts wasps and spiders. Deter them with a flea collar placed in the propane compartment.
  • Use an empty water bottle to store eggs in. This way, you don’t have to worry about them breaking and you don’t have to dirty another bowl when scrambling or adding them to other foods.