RV parks lafayette LA Seeing as how busy we’ve been through what was one of our best Summer seasons yet, we’ve looked up and suddenly found that kids have gone back to school. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were extolling the virtues of fall camping but it seems that its been a full year since that blog was posted. Regardless, we still believe that Fall provides some of the best RVing and camping of the year. Though temperatures here in Lafayette are enjoyably mild, camping in fall does come with its own challenges. Remember the following if you are considering heading out this fall season:

  • Check your battery – Remember that your battery requires more electricity to start during the colder months. Check the levels and clean the terminals to make sure that it keeps delivering the right amount of power. 
  • Fill your propane tank – Colder temperatures can create condensation within half-full or partially-filled tanks. Limit vaporization issues by keeping it as full as possible.
  • Improve interior heat – Insulate windows with drapes or curtains, hang posterboard or styrofoam inside windows during cool nights and hang a heavy blanket between the driver’s compartment and the sleeping area to keep warm air from being cooled by the chilly windshield air. Insulate floors with throw rugs.
  • Organize and prepare – With shorter days and cooler temperatures it’s likely that you’ll be spending more time in your RV than relaxing outside of it as the day winds down. Make sure to keep your interior organized and stocked for a more enjoyable experience.