Believe us when we say that we don’t like reminding people of their mistakes any more than you do. But as one of the most popular RV parks and campgrounds in Lafayette, we continue to see the same mistakes being made by a whole new crop of RV enthusiasts and campers alike. So, though we know that we’ve called attention to the most common mistakes made by campers before, we thought that maybe it was time for a friendly, cajun-style reminder. In an effort to help you avoid costly errors, here’s a list of the mistakes we see the most often:

  • Buying too much RV – Do not assume that the salesperson knows what he is talking about in regards to the towing capabilities of your vehicle. Check the total combined weight of occupants and cargo limit listed on the inside of your door and consider ALL of the weight of everything in both the vehicle and the trailer.
  • Not checking your water tanks – Water weighs a lot: 8.3 pounds per gallon to be exact. Towing all that water weight around can be worse than any woman has ever complained about. Make sure those tanks are empty if not needed.
  • Driving off while still connected – One of the most repeated mistakes is leaving the campground while still connected to the water/sewer/power supplies. Do a complete walk-around and check that you are unconnected. Then check again.
  • Forgetting about the door handle and steps – Try and remember to bring those in before getting on the road.
  • Neglecting to put blocks behind your wheels – RV’s roll. They roll easily. Make sure to avoid having yours move on its own by placing blocks behind every wheel.