Are you and the family hitting the road this year? Whether you’re taking the RV to the Grand Canyon over spring break or traversing through Texas when school’s out for summer, RV camping can be a grand old time for kids of all ages. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach your child about the U.S. and to introduce them to the joy of traveling as a road warrior. However, RVing with your kids comes with different considerations than RVing by yourself or just with your spouse. Here are some tips to help you plan for your RV trip with the whole family.

Include Them in Preparation

Kids just want to feel included, but in many situations with adults, their opinions are not taken into consideration. When you’re planning an RV trip, you want to build your child’s excitement for hitting the road, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by including them in preparation. Talk to them about all the supplies you will need to bring, what activities they can do on the road, and the sights you will see. See if there is anywhere they want to visit, any special toys they will need in their suitcase, or activities they will want to make sure to take part in. For example, if your little one loves to swim, they may request that you stop at a lake where you can spend the day. Something as simple as this can go a long way towards creating a beautiful memory that will stay with them forever.

Tell Them the RV Rules

The last thing you want to deal with on your trip is disagreement. Without clear rules, it’s easy for kids to fight among themselves or with their parents. The rules of the road are simply going to be different than those in your home, so make sure you reflect on what those rules will be and get your children on the same page. For example, think about electronic use (keep in mind that you may not even have internet access), keeping the RV clean, where people will be sleeping, how to conserve water, and campsite safety tips. Get on the same page now to avoid fighting while on the trip.

Don’t Forget the Kid-Friendly Food!

Meals become a lot more stressful when kids are involved. Between picky eaters, larger quantities of food, and way more distractions, there are special considerations you must make when writing your grocery list before your RV trip. Pick foods that will be kid-friendly and super easy to make at the campsite. For example, you could make camping pancakes, which involves putting all the ingredients for pancakes in a plastic bag, mixing, then snipping the corner to pour the batter. Other popular campsite recipes that are hits with kids include meat and veggie kabobs, pizza, and of course, hot dogs!

Be Creative

When it comes to camping activities, it’s time to get creative! Of course, you will want plenty of supplies for outdoor activities, including frisbees, tennis balls, bikes, water guns, and badminton rackets. You could get even more creative by making a scavenger hunt! Include inflatable pool toys if you’ll be spending any time near water, and don’t forget a way to inflate them, such as a portable hand pump.

Try to Maintain Routine

Of course, vacation naturally disrupts your children’s routines while you’re travelling, and this doesn’t have to be a major issue. However, routine is soothing for children, so they tend to be happier if some sort of regular schedule is maintained, particularly in regards to sleep. Try to time your meals to be in line with when they usually eat and keep bedtime as close to normal as possible. Make sure to pack all the essentials for bedtime, including favorite stuffed animals, blankets, pajamas, and storybooks.

RVing with kids might come with unique challenges, but this type of adventure is a load of fun for kiddos of all ages. As long as you’re prepared, this is a trip that the whole family can enjoy. At Frog City RV Park in Lafayette, Louisiana, we love hosting families at our camping ground! If you’re interested in some Cajun hospitality, we have it in spades. Book your RV spot online today!