If you’re in the market for an RV, you might be thinking about a big motorhome or fifth wheel because large RVs are what most people think of first. However, don’t overlook the benefits of the smaller options in your search, such as teardrop campers, pop-ups, and lightweight trailers. These RVs may be small, but they are powerful, and there are several benefits to going the smaller route. You can still pack quite a few of your creature comforts to enjoy while you camp, but with a variety of other benefits, which we have listed below. 



One of the biggest benefits of smaller RVs is obvious: they weigh less. The majority of pop-up campers will weigh less than 3,500 pounds, so you don’t need a giant truck to tow them around. There are many travel trailers that can be attached to an SUV, for example. If you want to use an even smaller vehicle, there are trailers that are made extremely lightweight — there are even some on the market that are around 600 pounds! 

Whatever you choose, make sure that your vehicle can handle it. Know its towing capacity before hitching any type of trailer onto it. 

Easy to Move

Small campers are also much less cumbersome to tow and park than large RVs. Even people who have never towed anything before can do it seamlessly with the right equipment. Make sure to have a weight distributing hitch to prevent the trailer from swaying while you drive. This will ensure that everything is properly aligned so that you can drive comfortably. 

When you get to our RV park in Lafayette, parking a small camper will be much less of a production. It’s easier to maneuver a shorter trailer. This gives you an advantage at some campgrounds, as you’ll be able to fit into the smaller spots inaccessible for larger RVs. 


A smaller camper doesn’t mean that you have to “rough it.” In fact, you can combine the flexibility and fun of camping with the amenities you love at home, even if you have a small trailer. There are very basic models that feature only a bed all the way to those with a kitchen, bathroom, television, and more. 

More Time Outside

Small campers mean that you can extend camping season significantly without a big investment. Because you can have access to a generator or AC, you aren’t forced back inside during hotter or colder weather, which means you can spend more time communing with nature. 

More Affordable 

Last but certainly not least, a small camper is just more affordable than a large RV. If you’re just starting out with the camper life, you might want to start small before making a much larger investment into a much larger trailer. First-time RVers often benefit from starting with a pop-up trailer or something else more affordable until they’re hooked on the open road. 

We hope that this has helped inform your decision about what type of camper to choose. Whether you go big or go small, there’s nothing like hitting the open road in an RV. Once you have invested in your new RV, we would love to see it for ourselves! Come on down to Frog City RV Park in Lafayette for some Cajun hospitality.