rv park lafayette Staying a happy camper while RVing during the winter months actually isn’t all that hard. For those considering an RV trip to Lafayette and beyond, there are important things to remember however, in order to keep comfy cozy. Though winter temperatures at our RV park in Lafayette stay relatively mild compared to other locations throughout the country, we still experience some fairly chilly nights; making winter prep of your camper a priority. Tips for properly preparing your RV or camper for winter use include:

  • Consider an additional source of heat. You’ll blow through far too much propane if you relied solely on your RV furnace to keep you toasty at night. Consider an electric blanket or space heater.
  • Protect your water and sewer lines. Leave a faucet just slightly open in order to avoid freezing pipes. Add insulation around any exposed pipes to help protect them from freezing temps too.
  • Leave your cabinet doors open. This little trick allows the warm interior air to reach the pipes more easily.
  • Bring along a dehumidifier. If you experience thin sheets of ice on your windows, walls or ceiling, the level of moisture within your camper is too high. A small dehumidifier will help reduce that amount.
  • Leave a roof vent open. Just a half-inch gap can also help prevent moisture from becoming excessive 24/7.

Don’t let the chill keep you from enjoying the open road in your RV. With just a few steps, you can enjoy camping all year round.