Frog City RV is seeking an experienced, top-notched  workamping team!

Workamper couples will divide duties: one person will work the office, while the other works in maintenance. Housekeeping is expected from both job descriptions. Couples work same days together as 3-4 days on/off. MUST be willing to work weekend shifts. The workamper team is expected to live on site in your personal RV. This opportunity includes a FHU site w/cable & WiFi, free laundry, and salary. Hours expected is up to 24hrs per week per person. Only five hours per person per week goes towards site rent(that’s 10 total hrs per week, per couple). We are looking to hire couples with fun loving attitude, strong customer service ethics,  and will commit to the full season.

Must have front office & campground maintenance experience to be considered.
Please include photo of yourselves, your RV, and any pets.

Email your resume to: