When planning for an RV road trip, packing food is one of the most essential parts of your trip. After all, you need food to survive. Food is especially important if you’ll be bringing children on this trip. Kids or not, be sure to fully prepare your menu for the duration of your trip. No one likes a hangry camper.

When planning a menu for your road trip, here are a few tips that can make the food packing and preparation less stressful.

Rotate Your Menu

No one wants to eat the same thing over and over again. Be sure to have a few options to choose from, so that way you’ll be able to satisfy multiple cravings. This also helps you take advantage of everything in your kitchen. You’ll be able to use that bag of half-eaten potato chips along with that already opened jar of pickles.

Pick Recipes with the Same Ingredients

Try to choose recipes with similar ingredients. This will make your grocery shopping easier and you won’t waste as much food preparing your meals.

Prep Ahead of Time

This is a pretty obvious one, but give yourself at least a week or five days to prepare. If you’re planning on bringing meat, prep it and then freeze it. If you’re bringing fresh produce, save that preparation for the night before, but you’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of time.

Crockpots are Your Best Friend

If your RV has a full kitchen and the capability to use a crockpot, crockpot meals are a great option to bring. Bringing a crockpot allows you to have more of a home cooked meal, without having to cook in the kitchen for it. It’s also a great option to have if you have various activities planned throughout the day. Just set it to the appropriate time and then you’ve got a fully cooked and ready-to-eat meal when you’ve returned. Perfect for feeding hungry and tired campers!